The alleged perpetrator of the arson of a cafe in Kostroma was arrested. “Paper”

The Yaroslavl garrison military court arrested the alleged culprit of the fire in the Polygon nightclub in Kostroma, Stanislav Ionkin, they write TASS and “RBC”. Young man detained On November 5, he will stay in the pre-trial detention center until January 5.

As the publications write, presumably, Ionkin fired a signal pistol, after which a fire started. Relatives of the young man said that he had recently returned from military operations, where he was wounded.

What is known about Ionkin. By data Baza, August 22 Stanislav Ionkin was wounded during a shelling in the war in Ukraine. Relatives reported that the young man was carrying ammunition with other servicemen when the shelling began. Stanislav was thrown out of the car, he broke his leg.

What happened in a cafe in Kostroma. On the night of November 5, a fire broke out in the cafe “Polygon” in Kostroma. The Ministry of Emergency Situations confirmed the death of 13 people. Law enforcement officials suggest that the illegal use of pyrotechnics could be the cause of the fire.

TASS confirmed that before the fire, visitors to the Polygon staged a mass brawl, during which the potential culprit of the incident (presumably, it turned out to be the detained Ionkin) used pyrotechnics.

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