The alleged mother-in-law of Alexei Vorobyov became a victim of a robbery

According to MASH, two years ago, the artist had a son from ex-participant of the Bachelor program Tatyana Chelysheva.

The upbringing of the baby, who was named Adam, is mainly done by the mother, her grandmother, Victoria, helps her in this. Recently it became known that a woman was the victim of a robbery.

photo MASH

Information appeared on the Web that a 57-year-old woman was attacked at her home. Three unknown masked men broke into her country house. The robbers handcuffed the woman to the railing of the stairs, after which they stole valuables and money totaling ten million rubles.

Law enforcement authorities confirmed the fact of robbery, now the police are looking for criminals. The victim after the incident gave a restrained comment, she noticed that she felt bad.

Source: MASH

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