That feeling when society decides that a fat guy is prettier than a thin girl. Miss was won by a man

Brian Nguyen became the first man to win a Miss America Organization beauty pageant. Girls between the ages of 17 and 24 can participate in the competition. Nguyen is a man who feels like a woman. In addition to his gender, the fact that he does not have the typical figure of a model did not stop him from winning. Nineteen-year-old Nguyen beat all the girls to officially become Miss Greater Derry 2023.

It seems that Miss America will no longer be an all-female pageant, and neither measurements nor gender will play a central role in it. However, not everyone likes it, some object to whether a woman would win such a Man of the Year. Even Nguyen himself probably wouldn’t score there. There was a lot of backlash over Brian Nguyen’s win, including from women who said his win was humiliating for girls.

“That feeling when society tells you that a fat guy is sexier than twenty young girls working on each other” appeared in the comments on social networks.

It’s hard to say how the new competition will sweep the psyche of young girls, who are practically burned in the face by society, that it doesn’t really matter at all how they prepare for the competition, whether they exercise or work hard on themselves, because someone who is a few tens of kilos heavier is simply nicer because he has the right to be. Many also fear the praise of obesity.

It must be said, however, that Missy gets the lens regularly, regardless of gender. Not so long ago, representatives of the typical prototype of beauty, i.e. blondes with blue eyes, were criticized at world competitions.

On the contrary, Ivana Christová Česi was booed after the victory because she was not blonde enough. In the Czech Republic, pageant fans regularly do not understand how a girl with short hair can go to Miss. Jitka Boho, then Válková, again faced criticism because of her teeth, and many had something to say even about the mere presence of Agáta Hanychová in the competition.

We can also recall the show Love Island, which the viewers first criticized, saying that it only featured artificial people with perfect figures and artificial breasts, but then they started on Naomi Adachi, because she was not the prototype of their idea of ​​typical beauty.

Brian Nguyen beat all the girls.

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