Thanks guys and fat pig. Both Grznár and Veselý won in Clash of the Stars, they aroused emotions

The third Clash of the Stars gala is already behind us. Already classically, it mainly brought rather bizarre entertainment interspersed with a few quality fights. But no one expects Clash of the Stars to see matches at the level of the Octagon. The task of this tournament is a little different – people, whether directly in the hall or at home in front of the screens, want to see the fights of characters and stars they know from the Internet. And they expect at least some of it to be weirdly funny. And it worked again.

Pražská Královka, where the third tournament, this time with the subtitle Circle of Madness, took place, was filled to capacity. The most anticipated match was undoubtedly the main one between Filip Grznár and Aleš “Psychopath” Bejr. It took place according to the rules of Thai boxing. However, already at the beginning the fans were angered by the behavior of the referee, who jumped on Bejra’s back, which greatly limited his ability to move in the cage. “This match should have a rematch in my opinion, because the referee jumped on Bejra’s back at the beginning of the match and thus made it impossible for him to work in the cage!” fans are angry.

Overall, the match did not pay much attention to the rules of Thai boxing and looked more like a fight in a pub or on the street, but the spectators in the hall liked it. In the end, Grznár won by technical knockout. “Thank you guys!” the audience appreciated the fight.

The match between Tadeáš Veselý and Pavel “Snejks” Měsík was also highly anticipated. But even before the match itself, which was in the spirit of MMA, it was clear that the fight would not be very balanced. Veselý had an advantage over Snejks not only in height, but especially in weight. The audience on the spot and on the Internet was clearly in awe of Snejks, who was made famous on the Internet by a single video. Veselý’s account was subjected to more than one insult, when the audience cursed him like fat pigs. But even that didn’t help Snejks, and in the end Veselý won by technical knockout in the second round. However, the fans appreciated how much Snejks endured and are begging the organizers on the networks not to invite Vesely to the next tournament.

Another strange match was the clash between two fighters who receive a disability pension, namely Matouš Kaluba and Jiří “Maxgreen” Janouch. They were supposed to fight according to MMA rules, but in the cage they looked like they didn’t really know what to do. In the end, Kaluba won, who had a physical advantage after all. However, their fight lasted less than a minute. The match was exactly what many expect from Clash of the Stars. “This was the best minute of my life, I haven’t laughed more” said one of the spectators.

Complaints about referees

However, a few matches were of a much better level and the fighters showed that they were preparing for the tournament. For example, Lukáš “Luktuma” Tůma and his opponent David “Olchič” Olchava. Their match lasted three whole rounds, so it was clear that both of them have quite a lot of physical stamina, thanks to the preparation. In the end Luktuma won. However, the fans disagreed with this, claiming that Olchič was more in control of the match. “The referees must have been watching another game,” fans are angry. Others speculate that if the fight had lasted even a few seconds longer, Olchič would have been the winner.

Two women’s matches were also on the program. One of them lasted an incredible nineteen seconds. Hanka Gelnárová stopped Tereza Stibalová by technical knockout and the match was over.

The second women’s match also ended in a technical knockout. Angie Mangombe won, who faced Klářa Havlíková relatively at the last moment, as her original opponent Xholakys withdrew due to health reasons.

In a two-on-one match, Filip Roubíček faced Daniel Černá and Lukáš Bukovaz. The pair won, but even here the fans pointed to insufficient supervision by the referees. “I’ve never seen so many kicks to the back of the head in all the time I’ve been watching mma,” complains one of them. Others appreciated that Roubíček faced the pair alone and, according to some, he should even be the winner.


Daniel “Seaser” Siruček vs. Norbert Majkrich

Winner: Daniel Sirucek for points

Matouš Kaluba vs. Jiří “Maxgreen” Janouch

Winner: Matthew Kaluba 1st round TKO

Filip Roubíček vs. Daniel Černý & Lukáš Bukovaz

Winner: Daniel Černý & Lukáš Bukovaz 1st round TKO

Tadeáš Veselý vs. Pavel “Snejks” Mesíček

Winner: Tadeáš Vesely 2nd round TKO

Hanka Gelnarová vs. Tereza Stibalová

Winner: Hanka Gelnarová 1st round TKO

Ivan “Kid Ajvn” Kloc vs. Nenad “Neny” Pleš

Winner: Ivan Kloc 1st round TKO

Karlos Benda vs. Jaroslav Kotlar

Winner: Carlos Benda 1st round TKO

Lukáš “Luktuma” Tůma vs. David “Olčich” Olchava

Winner: Lukas Tuma for points

Angie Mangombe vs. Klára Havlíková

Winner: Angie Mangombe 2nd round TKO

Tomáš “Dynamo” Křižan vs. Jan “Geybn” Havel

Winner: Tomáš Křižan 2nd round standing guillotine

Filip Grznár vs. Aleš “Psychopath” Bejr

Winner: Filip Grznar 1st round KO

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