Tarzan dedicated ironic poems to Alla Pugacheva

The husband of Natasha Koroleva is known for his diverse talents. He is not only one of the most famous male strippers in Russia, but also an artist, singer, actor. And now Glushko turned to poetry.

Tarzan decided to dedicate poems not to his wife, but to Alla Pugacheva, who emigrated to Israel some time ago. From there, she shares photos from a window where palm trees are visible.

Sergei Glushko did not ignore Alla Borisovna’s posts, and in response, he also published a photo of views from the village of Krekshino, where he lives with Natasha Koroleva. He accompanied the pictures with poetic lines of his own composition about patriotism.

“It’s funny to see how yesterday’s cinematic brutals change their citizenship-homeland following the example of Alla,” Glushko ironically says.

Tarzan also added that many public figures have forgotten where they managed to get their ranks and titles.

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