Tade Vesel looked soupee into the cage. He got into a fight with one adept and ended up at the police

Tade Vesel is known for controversial conflicts, lawsuits and cases. In the past, he came into conflict several times with the police, which, as far as I know, he doesn’t care about. He met the police this time as well. On his Instagram, he shared a video of himself sitting in a police station. But before the video, he posted photos and videos from a dispute with an artist who belongs to Sickbrain.

Sickbrain is an artist, putting out solid pop rap songs. Among his most famous fall U to do not two in collaboration with Nikola Majeraková, or Ona. He is currently working on a new track with rapper Natalkan queenmrdu and rapper Otto Ferocity.

In the first video, you can see Vesel standing in front of the artist Sickbrain’s house and pointing at him. Get out now. I’m here for you, come out further, ki Cheers to Sickbrain. He didn’t let it bother him and went outside. ok i’m going out ok I’m going out you motherfucker. Come on let’s blow it out responds Sickbrain at the moment on his Instagram pbhu.

That Sickbrain is crazy. He even unleashed his Dalmatian on Tadee, ekla for birdie Tadee and actress Tereza Talinov.

Then, according to their words, Vesel and Sickbrain had a fight. It can be deduced thanks to the photo from the wallet that Vesel shared at his party. I want him in a cage. k, how are you fr, but this fr was not. In the cage I will cut you hero, wrote Vesel to the photo from the clipboard.

Tade Vesel vs Sickbrain

I’m Sickbrain k, here’s a video where you can see how he crushed Veselho. Mainly because of problems with the shelf, we can’t publish it.

My arm is currently broken here and I have splinters in my hand. I called the mailbox and reported that they were fighting there. The policemen also automatically drank with them, who then took Tadee to task, added Talinov.

Vesel then ended up at the police station, where he was taken to the police station. You were a nerd, I will be too. Say hello to Pankrci, he wrote about the video from the police station. In the following pb, he shared a word that is likely Sickbrain.

Tade Vesel to the police

I don’t know, he probably thought I was just kidding, because he obviously was, Sickbrain responds to Veselho. That Sickbrain is in a condition, so he might as well go and sit again. What he has done is so healthy, it is perhaps even a criminal act, adds Talinov.

Tade Vesel, according to his dream, so that he can save himself at one of the other Clash of the Stars evenings. Not long ago, for example, he challenged YouTuber Rady to a duel. The bag didn’t even know who Tade Vesel was.

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