Super clean! Mik brought out the hair on her ass and such glasses on the table, Natlka just wiped it off

Most recently, Natlie Jirskov (18) and Adam Mik (25) went out to have fun on the Instax table in some of their trendy outfits. The turtlenecks were unrecognizable to them, dressed in 1970s clothes, and instantly faded optically. Adam pulled his hair up his ass and put on a pair of glasses. Natlka showed off in heavy make-up, I don’t have to be with him if someone wants to go after him. How do I get rid of it?

Adam Mik and Natalia Jirskov they are undoubtedly VIP prem. They both have famous parents, they are happy, they go full throttle in their careers, they have good profiles on Instagram, they look sweet together and often decorate events all over the country.

Also, don’t avoid playful outfits with which you are not afraid to experiment, and bring out the latest American trends on the red carpet. This time, the two of them cried out for Instax cards, but they were absolutely unrecognizable.

More than one fan’s jaw dropped. Natlka and Adam looked as if they had stepped out of the last century and had put on their family’s clothes.

Adam Mik showed up with his hair swept to the side like tpn Kozub, when he is playing a broken dad with Temi tigers. For this he put on glasses, a sweater with an African pattern and a koich on Leoe Maree.

Adam Mik and Natli Jirsková were literally unrecognizable.

Natlka also started. According to the photos, many people would have guessed him to be eighteen. In creased lines, red lipstick and fine lines, she made a song and maybe even a decade or two old. She adjusted the perfect change by wearing cossacks and stapa boots like from the seventies.

While the order is experimenting with honey, Natlka arrived for the week of honey in a sparkling top, and in Karlovy Vary, Adam did not hesitate to grab people. So always choose outfits so that they complement each other.

Natlie Jirskov surprised with striking make-up. He wrote it for years.

Don’t be afraid of it, even if it’s controversial for someone. I think that would be the interpretation of pat, said Adam Expresa when asked if he enjoyed the extravagance.

Ivy Kubelkov’s daughter recently celebrated her 80th birthday, and although she is still in her teens, she is looking forward to getting her career off the ground as she comes of age.

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