Suchý with Molavcová, Kalousek and Dvořák from ČT: Kocáb had a diverse audience at the premiere

Musician Michael Kocáb (68) released a documentary about his life into the public space, and a constellation of diverse stars gathered at the gala premiere. From politicians, managers to colleagues from the industry, no one could miss their colleague’s big evening, with whom they properly celebrated his big day.

Singer and politician Michael Kocab released a documentary about his life in a big way. Not only was the celebration held in the famous Lucerna, but his colleagues can only dream of the diversity of his guests.

As a former minister, he welcomed delegates to the premiere Miroslav Kalouska (61), who surprised many with his presence. But it also became clear how close he is to the CEO of Czech Television Peter Dvořák (58), with whom he had a good time.

Of course, there were also colleagues from the industry. Apart from the protagonist, they became the stars of the evening Jiří Suchý (91) a Jitka Molavcová (72), who go to the company only sporadically.

They were smiling the whole time, having fun with each other, and those around them were ecstatic to see how energetic the musician is, even at his age, with an infectiously good mood.

Jitka Molavcová and Jiří Suchý also came to see the documentary.

Michael Kocáb had fun in the company of the CEO of CT Petr Dvořák and director Olga Sommerová.

She also came to support her friend Marie Rottrová (80) or Eliška Balzerová (73), which both took their husbands to the screening. But who was missing were Kocáb’s children, even though two days before his daughter Natálie was at another premiere in Lucerne.

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