Storm warning in St. Petersburg on Saturday. “Paper”

Petersburg on Saturday is expected to increase the wind to 17 meters per second, informs press service of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Stronger winds are also expected on Sunday. writes chief forecaster of the city Alexander Kolesov. At night and during the day, gusts of the northwest wind are up to 15-18 meters per second, and in coastal areas – up to 20 meters per second. Because of this, on the night of October 30, a rise in water in the Neva is expected.

What else did the forecaster say? Alexander Kolesov writes that rain and high temperatures are expected in the city on Saturday – up to +12 degrees. In the extreme east of the Leningrad region, rain and sleet are expected on Sunday.

In St. Petersburg, writes the chief forecaster, the temperature next week will range from +3 to +8 degrees, but snow is not expected in the city.

General picture. Winds of 15–18 m/s on the Beaufort scale are considered strong, with enough gusts to bend tree trunks. On the beautification committee reportedthat, although the wind of such strength is familiar to St. Petersburg and usually does not carry serious consequences, “one must be prepared for anything.” Citizens are asked not to park cars under trees and refrain from visiting parks, gardens and squares. The authorities will probably close gardens and parks this weekend.

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