Stick your hand in a box of cockroaches? Are you good people! Volochkova revealed the details of participation in the TV show

Anastasia Volochkova admitted that she was invited to the Stars in Africa project, but after talking with the producers about the upcoming tests, the ballerina made an unequivocal decision.

In an interview with Russian TV Week, Anastasia Volochkova told how difficult it was for her to participate in the popular project Mask. Dances” on TNT. The Owl costume made it difficult to show not only dancing abilities, but also, in principle, to move on stage. But the artist does not regret this experience, because she received more extreme offers. So, while relaxing in the Maldives, she was unexpectedly offered to participate in Stars in Africa.

True, after the producers of the TV show revealed some details of the project, Volochkova refused without hesitation. According to Nastya, she is afraid to fly and therefore even plans to tour closer to Moscow in order to be able to get there by car. And the star would have to get to the filming location through 4 plane changes. And, of course, a test in the form of a jar of cockroaches for a ballerina turned out to be beyond the bounds of the possible.

“Put your hand in a box of cockroaches? Are you good people! I understood that I would experience more stress – not everything in this life is measured by money and PR, ”the artist honestly admitted to us.

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