Stas Yarushin: everything is not going according to plan at MUZLOFT!

We visited the MUZLOFT show by Stas Yarushin and learned everything about how the shooting goes: staging or improvisation, how to catch “chemistry” with the audience and what to do when everything goes wrong?

“The feature in MUZLOFTe is that everything should not go according to plan. There, indeed, 80% improvisation. Sometimes I get to know a guest for the first time when I enter the frame with him. And if a person immediately joins our atmosphere, it turns out a cool spiritual transmission. All people are different and this is the most thrill. In general, by the way, I don’t know many of the artists, so on the set I constantly learn something new about them, ” Yarushin told about the preparation for filming the show.

Stas says that he owes everything to music – he began writing his first songs in childhood, at the age of 13 he recorded his first music album in Chelyabinsk, and at the age of 20 he had his first group. True, when he decided to move to Moscow, the musicians of the band were afraid to go in a place with him – “to leave the comfort zone.” However, having become a star of KVN, Stas himself abandoned music for ten years, and returned to his calling after, at the request of the producers of Univer, he recorded a song for his serial hero in the studio. “Wikipedia says that I am a director. But in fact, I am a music lover, a musician and a creative person, ”- confessed to us Stas Yarushin.

But what about filming in the show MUZLOFT told us the host of “Avatar” and “Mask” on NTV Vyacheslav Makarov.

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