St. Petersburg colleges were recommended to help the military. “Paper”

The authorities of St. Petersburg sent a recommendation to colleges on cooperation with the #MYVMESTE patriotic movement, which helps Russian mobilized and military people.

“Paper” received a manual for such “cooperation” and figured out what student volunteers would do and how officials would control their work.

In October, during a meeting of the Security Council, Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed heads of regions and the movement “All-Russian People’s Front” to support the families of the mobilized. Members of #MYVMESTE and other volunteers should help them with this, Putin said.

Movement “#WE TOGETHER” organized Association of Volunteer Centers, All-Russian Popular Front and Russian Red Cross. In 2020, its members helped Russians affected by the coronavirus pandemic. After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, members of the movement began send humanitarian aid to the inhabitants of the occupied territories and support mobilized.

“#MYVMESTE” initiated several actions to help the military, the official website says. site and social networks of the movement. For example, during one of them, college students sewed clothing for participants in the invasion of Ukraine. The movement also carried out a project in which children from all regions wrote poems for soldiers.

On the eve it became known that “#MYVMESTE” held a donor action on the initiative of the All-Russian Popular Front in several cities of Russia. Donate blood came 50 students of the Khakass State University, students from Ulyanovsk, as well as 15 college students from Lipetsk – they are included Youth All-Russian People’s Front.

In the social networks “#MYVMESTE” some “headquarters of the movement” already appear. For example, as follows from the post in the telegram channel of the movement, the wife of a mobilized Russian applied Petersburg headquarters and asked its members to walk her dog.

On Wednesday, October 27, the St. Petersburg Education Committee sent methodological recommendations to colleges, from which it follows that headquarters of the “#MYVMESTE” movement will be created on the basis of the institutions. Provided a copy of the document “Paper” a source close to the leadership of one of the colleges.

Information about the distribution of recommendations was confirmed “Paper” in the press service of the Committee on Education of St. Petersburg. “Methodological recommendations of the IRPO were sent. The essence of the methodological recommendations is in interaction (optionally) with the “#MYVMESTE” movement. No headquarters are being created in colleges, ”the press service said.

As follows from the manual received “Paper” representatives of the regional authorities are involved in the work of the #MYVMESTE headquarters (who exactly is not mentioned). The document also says that similar headquarters are going to be launched in Russian municipalities.

Action of Rosmolodezh “Windows of Victory”. Photo: #MYVMESE / VK

In addition, the manual describes in detail the duties of the participants in the headquarters of the movement. According to it, members of “#WETOGETHER” in colleges will:

  • Work with relatives of the military: “take families under the patronage”, provide them with “assistance in observing family traditions, organizing leisure activities and educating children.”
  • Engage members of student communities to “chop wood” and send children of military personnel to KVN, student theaters and “developing scientific programs.”
  • Work in call centers on the hotline to collect applications for assistance to military families, requests for psychological or legal assistance, as well as communication with the Ministry of Defense hotline.
  • To provide psychological assistance to the families of the mobilized and the military – for this purpose, a round-the-clock psychological service will be created at the headquarters.
  • Provide legal assistance that is not related to criminal cases.
  • Organize the send-off of the military to the front: as the training manual says, these should be “patriotic actions in order to rally citizens, support the spirit and develop a sense of ownership in ongoing events.”
  • Perform the Russian anthem and “patriotic compositions” during “actions”, give servicemen a “gift kit” of equipment and attract “heroes and veterans of military operations”.
  • Give the military letters from children before being sent to the front.
  • Collect stocks of donated blood in hospitals where war veterans are being treated.
  • Distribute humanitarian aid to military families and refugees (probably from the occupied territories of Ukraine).

Source “Paper” in one of the colleges in St. Petersburg, he said that a special form for reporting was also sent to the educational institutions of the city. With its help, every week, employees of institutions should tell how exactly they helped the participants in the war in Ukraine and how many students were attracted to participate in patriotic actions.

However, according to the source “Paper”, in Thursday’s report, staff at his educational institution posted zero results. According to the interlocutor, the forms on the work of the headquarters will become another report.

The form lists 41 colleges. Presumably, it was they who received manuals for organizing volunteer headquarters.

Russian universities also plan to introduce the course “Fundamentals of Russian Statehood”, learned at Medusa. At lectures, students will talk about how “the West is rotting, but in our country [россиян] great future.” The newly introduced item is planned to be divided into four blocks:

  • “Historical”, which will be supervised by the ex-Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky.
  • “Cultural Code”, which will be supervised by the head of the Hermitage, Mikhail Piotrovsky.
  • “Russia in the World”, which will be supervised by political scientist Sergei Karganov.
  • “Image of the Future”, which will be supervised by the head of the “Kurchatov Institute” Mikhail Kovalchuk.

Later, information about plans to introduce a new ideological course was confirmed by the publications “” and “Sight”- this was discussed at the scientific and educational conference “DNA of Russia” in Sochi.

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