Sometimes it’s better not to blame things, to Kocbov: Why is life in the USA easy, not easy?

Even when she is in love, if we leave out her father, we are a musician and a politician Michael Kocba, his books made him famous, let’s not forget his music. T is working hard, she just didn’t hit the saw.

I have a broken board, but I can’t finish it. I want her to be good and to howl at the right time. I know that sometimes it’s better not to say things silk last year Natalia Kocbov in an interview for Prvo, when she was moving from the USA. She went there to give her young offspring the American religion, which she has a desire for thanks to her mother Marsh. However, the stay was extended to eight months due to covid-19.

What surprised me there were the wheels. My nine-year-old daughter used to go there and it was amazing! I had an opinion about American bikes that was not based on experience, I did not expect anything very good, svila se writer, who recently made a splash with the book Dom, is first of all about a very rough divorce.

Americans are often reproached for smiling at you, and don’t mean it like that. But I really appreciated the positive approach in the round. I’m talking about a good public bike, the private ones are on par with stock bikes, very expensive and well-maintained. added Kocbov, who also changed the available housing.

Natlie Kocbov showed her beautiful family. Thank you for being perfect again.

We are the generation that practically cannot afford to buy an apartment in Prague. In the US, of course, it’s very bad where you go, but in general, real estate prices there haven’t made such a jump as here, and mortgages are very affordable there, she revealed in an interview for denk Prvo.

In our town in North Carolina, you can buy a huge barge for 400 thousand dollars (roughly 8,700,000 crowns). You’ll pay for an ordinary apartment in Prague for that, stupid salaries in the USA are somewhere else. (The average monthly salary in the USA was 107,443 crowns in 2020.) Also, the feeling that you can afford your own home is much more common there, added Kocbov, who is looking to buy real estate in the US, but she wouldn’t want to stay in the States permanently.

I would miss the European style of life. Meet people, you in such ordinary cafes as this one. I was looking for a nice old cafe down there, but alas, she wailed.

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