Sobchak may be a suspect in the extortion case. “Paper”

Ksenia Sobchak is a suspect in a criminal case of extortion, in which her commercial director and former chief editor of Tatler were previously detained. About it write TASS and RT.

The main thing. By data TASS, Sobchak was recognized as a suspect in a criminal case under the article on extortion in order to obtain property on an especially large scale. Those accused under this article face up to 15 years in prison. An agency source in law enforcement claims. that the victim in the case is an official of the state corporation Rostec.

Other figurants. “REN TV” and “RIA News”report that the commercial director of the journalist Kirill Sukhanov and the former editor-in-chief of Tatler Arian Romanovsky were charged in the same case, they were taken to court.

Details. How claims Baza, the statement against the defendants in the case was personally written by the head of Rostec, Sergey Chemezov. Edition also informs. that the initiator of the case could be Tina Kandelaki’s partner Vasily Brovko, who holds the post of director for special assignments in the corporation, and the case itself may be related to the detention of the administrators of telegram channels who blackmailed officials and businessmen, about which the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported at the beginning of October.

Reaction. Sobchak has not yet commented on the information about the criminal prosecution. TASS and RIA Novosti, citing their sources wrotethat the journalist left for Latvia. Sobchak also did not comment on this information.

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov to the question about the persecution of Sobchak said only that the Kremlin saw this information.

What else. On the morning of October 26, Ksenia Sobchak’s house near Moscow was searched in the case of extortion. On the eve it became known about the detention of commercial director Sobchak Kirill Sukhanov. The media reported that the case was connected with extortion of money for not posting negative information. Sobchak called the persecution of Sukhanov “nonsense” and “pressure on journalism.” Read more – here.

Ksenia Sobchak manages the media holding “Caution Media”, which includes a large network of telegram channels, a podcast studio and Sobchak’s personal accounts.

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