Smolny will not cut the Safe City program. “Paper”

On Friday, November 11, at the IT Dialogue forum, Vice Governor of St. Petersburg Stanislav Kazarin said that in 2023 the St. Petersburg administration is not going to cut funding for the Safe City program. The cost may even increase. About it informs TASS.

“Safe City” is included in the program of digitalization of St. Petersburg, for which 3.6 billion rubles are planned to be allocated next year. “The program has not been cut. The governor supported it, and the Legislative Assembly supported it. It is quite possible that we will strengthen the “Safe City” direction. But the balance will be ensured,” said Kazarin.

What else are they planning to launch in St. Petersburg. According to the official, in 2023, 20 services will be launched in the city – for environmental monitoring, public transport and street cleaning. They also plan to develop digital services in the field of culture, sports, education and tourism.

What you need to know. The Safe City program in St. Petersburg began to be actively developed in 2015. Now more than 67 thousand video cameras are located throughout the city, in 2023 their number will increase to 120 thousand, reported in Smolny. Many of them work with the face recognition system.

The program was created to strengthen control over the streets of the city. Also, with the help of “Safe City” they catch oppositionists and rally participants. many protesters detain not during the actions, but a few days after them.

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