Smolny will increase the reserve fund by 20 billion. “Paper”

Petersburg Finance Committee Chairman Svetlana Enilina said that the government wants to increase the reserve fund in 2023 from 30 to 50 billion rubles due to the need to co-finance the payment of universal social benefits to families with children. About this from a meeting of the budget and finance committee informs “Fontanka”.

How will the payment of social benefits. According to Enilina, a unified social benefit for families with children is being prepared at the federal level, which will combine five existing benefits. Funding will come from both the federal and regional budgets. However, it remains to be seen what funds the city will have to allocate.

Is it possible to increase the fund so much? According to the budget code, the size of the reserve fund cannot be more than 3% of the total budget. Member of the Legislative Assembly Boris Vishnevsky pointed out, that in 2023 the total volume of expenditures of the budget of St. Petersburg for the year is planned in the amount of 1.2 trillion rubles. This means that the reserve fund cannot exceed 36 billion rubles.

However, the head of the finance committee said that at the federal level, the 3% limit for 2023 is planned to be removed, reports. According to Yenilina, the initiative has already passed the first reading.

What is the reserve fund for? Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg Valery Pikalev in response to a deputy request from Boris Vishnevsky toldthat part of the money from the reserve fund of the city government goes to one-time payments to contract soldiers from the registered battalions “Neva”, “Kronstadt” and “Pavlovsk” formed in the city.

In addition, in October, Moskovsky Komsomolets received knownthat Smolny is going to allow the allocation of money from the reserve fund of the Pobeda organization, which is engaged in the restoration of Mariupol.

What else to read:

  • The reserve fund of St. Petersburg was spent on the war in Ukraine. His increaseto channel even more funds there.
  • For the restoration of Mariupol will spend money from the reserve fund of the government of St. Petersburg, Fontanka reports.

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