Smolny students complained about the teacher. “Paper”

Students of the master’s program of the Faculty of Liberal Arts of St. Petersburg State University “Curatorial Studies” wrote a complaint against the teacher Irina Khmyrova-Pruel, who replaces Denis Skopin after his dismissal. The document was signed by six people, he published Telegram channel Save Smolny.

Details. According to the students, the teacher abandoned the previous curriculum without providing a new one, treats students disrespectfully and restricts undergraduates in choosing topics for study.

The complaint indicates that Irina Khmyrova-Pruel excludes foreign works from the course “Philosophical Aesthetics”. “We are in Russia, let’s discuss Russian culture. American history is a “symbiosis” of English history, there is nothing there, let’s talk about Russian. English is limited,” the undergraduates cite the words of the teacher.

In class, Khmyrova-Pruel refers to students as “you” and calls the faculty “too free” in a negative context, the students write.

What you need to know. The dismissal of the teacher Denis Skopin became known on October 21. As stated in the order, the reason was “the commission by an employee performing educational functions of an immoral act incompatible with the continuation of this work,” that is, detention and arrest for 10 days due to participation in an anti-war action.

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