Šlégrová on vacation in the Maldives: It was the second honeymoon, but we didn’t bring the baby

Model Lucie Šlégrová (40) enjoyed a week of dreams alongside her husband Jiří Šlégr (50). They were just the two of them in the Maldives, where they were consolidating their marriage and could only enjoy themselves because the children were being looked after by their grandmother. What did the former miss like the most? And how was it with paying for a luxury trip?

Former beauty queen Lucie Slégrová realizes that even after twelve years at the hockey player’s side Jiří Šlégr the relationship has to be worked on. That’s why she welcomed when her friends put their heads together and came up with an incredible gift for his logs.

“It’s not like we need someone to put together a holiday for us, but who can say they have that many friends who will shell out that much money for a week in the Maldives? We were both excited about it.” Lucka told Expres.

They took it as a trip where it would be just the two of them again as lovers, so that they wouldn’t forget that family life is nice in a relationship, but it should also be spiced up sometimes.

“We took it as our second honeymoon. We were also in the Maldives on our real honeymoon and fell in love here. You don’t just see such beauty, you really forget time here.” she dreamed

Lucie Šlégrová with her husband Jiří

They also took a break from the children, who were being looked after by their grandmother. That’s why they only flew away for a week, otherwise they would have been in paradise for much longer.

“I couldn’t do it to my mother to fly away for more than a week. It’s a really long flight there, but even that week was beautiful. We enjoyed each other and took a break from parenting. But we didn’t bring another baby,” laughed Lucka, who has had enough of three children.

Lucie Šlégrová kicked things off in the Maldives.

It is said that they are not planning another child and were thinking about it even in the Maldives. All they care about is little Ron. And above all, three births were said to be enough for the beautiful brunette.

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