Singer Shaman presented a new song and video: “My crows”

The artist released a track about the struggle between good and evil that goes on inside every person.

The premiere of the song was released on the Shamana YouTube channel immediately along with the video. According to the plot, the singer appears as a warrior: in chain mail, with a beard, like a Russian hero who fights with dark forces.

Shot from the filming of the video “My Ravens”

“I believe that in the soul of any person there is a Warrior of Light, who is constantly overcome by the forces of darkness – the sinister black crows of our sins, disappointments and insults. The struggle between good and evil within us continues throughout our lives, and our every act, every thought can decide the outcome of this eternal battle. There are times when the night seems to be longer than the day, and the world is about to plunge into darkness. But no matter what happens and no matter how strong the evil is around, good will surely win. Good always wins!” said the singer, introducing the song.

The video was filmed in a forest near Moscow. According to Shaman it was very cold. And the most difficult for the artist was the scene where the hero dies.

“We did about 20 takes, and only one, the 13th, was the most successful – we managed to achieve exactly this look, like a dead fish,” the singer confessed.

Clip “My Crows”

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