Singer Gluk’oZa shared footage from the filming of the film with Pavel Priluchny

Recently, the premiere of the film “Lovers” took place in the capital. The screen wife of Pavel Priluchny, who played one of the main roles in the film, the singer Gluk’oZa, told how the shooting went.

Gluk’oZa showed how the actors rehearsed, as well as how they applied makeup and customized costumes. According to the singer, the filming process was difficult, but at the same time fun. The team approached the creation of the picture with great responsibility and even the shortest scenes were re-shot several times in order to achieve the proper result.

In addition, the singer showed the apartment in which her heroine and the hero of Priluchny live. The house offers an impressive view of the city.

“I’ll live in such an apartment at least in the cinema,” the artist said with humor.

At the event on the occasion of the premiere, Pavel noticed that the picture came out very vital and every viewer will be able to find something for themselves in it.

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