Simona Krainov’s sister Yvona (55) made a cake. Looks like a model

Even when my son-in-law brags about her, she definitely doesn’t want to look like a grandmother. Simona Krainov’s sexy sister (49) is hot on the heels of her famous sibling. In fact, Yvona Malov (55) looks pretty, not a famous model. She even bragged about baking a bun at social gatherings, from which her chin fell off. How can I get the perfect figure?

Sister Simony Krainov she had problems with her height and figure for a long time. She was not satisfied, but she forced herself to do regular exercises. Until then, her young sibling talked her into going bhat with him.

She gave everything for her dream of having a nice bun again. Regular exercise and a healthy diet helped, and after half a year of trying, the first results appeared, even when the sexy blonde herself was impatient and wanted to give up several times.

When will the day be drilled? To honor, not in vain, to each according to merit. There is only one thing for sure, well. For me, it was about half a year, and then I will reward myself here for a whole ten years. The outside and the inside. What you? Do you have patience? Or do you want everything now? wrote Yvona on Instagram with a photo where she could see her figure as a finalist in a fitness competition.

Definitely don’t look like grandma.

On the other hand, don’t be afraid to admit that plastic surgery helped you with your perfect curves. She underwent, like Simona, liposuction and she had a bicho modeled into it so that she wouldn’t hang it.

Simona and Yvona do not hide the fact that they underwent liposuction at the Yes Visage clinic.

At least someone who knows how to recognize an aesthetic variable. Just take a look at the photo gallery to see what my grandmother looks like.

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