Shopaholic Adel wanted to invite the accused of thorn. She was also visited by a veterinarian

Shopaholic Adel is opt in potch. The second week in November, she was visited by the Regional Veterinary Service (KVS), who drank at the instigation of their followers. They invited her from the thorns. Warn breeders of Facebook groups against influencers.

Pulcov moved into a new apartment in Blin with her fiance David Prak a few weeks ago. The residents there had a big problem with them in particular, and rumors circulated all over the area that the young man was using and selling drugs, manipulating people and promoting adultery. Veker naen Shopaholic Adel ash.

@shopaholicadelreal @FregamerCZ ♬ Sip (Alcohol) – Joeboy

With a new home, the influencer decided to go to the sea and let the dog walk. She named her new pet Frankie and spent the first day documenting his life on social media. The day before the announcement from the Regional Veterinary Service, which she was in charge of, she started frantically looking for a new collar in all the many breeding groups. No one knows what happened to the original one.

@shopaholicadelreal A new finger in the family, a dwarf boy named Frankie, it’s time for him to get used to us, I love my children, be nice to your children, I’ll send you love and tst@FregamerCZ thank you very much to my friend who repairs our car I love this guy, I know a lot from him, Jirka is just a great friend and family@@ADELKYAUTOMECHANIK ♬ SUMMER ROADS – DAN GODLIN

Hello, I would like to buy a collar from you. Make him ride? I’m looking for a song of yours in the same colors. Can you ride it? zn question from Pulcov towards the dove breeder. In the chat, she saw a photo of Frankie. The breeder refused to sell her collar. They still managed to get her to go before the KVS inspection. The new pet has a different color and head shape.

Someone reported us to the Regional Veterinary Service. Today she went to see them for a check-up and found out that she was in a pod. Mm in full dt to the court, commented Pulcov on her Instagram.

Shopaholic Adel makes no secret of the fact that she calls a certain cage dangerous Sava. around the KVS, it is necessary to check that the guests are not tran. You don’t have a comparison photo with TikTok in your work. Without fleas, it is not possible for the service workers to find out if it is the same person, his photo is circulating on the Internet.

When it comes to guests that need to be marked in the register, such as household guests and dogs, their identification is difficult there. For necks, it’s a goddamn sloit. However, it is possible to apply for a control case. In this case, the KVS influencer would re-engage and engage in rash acts, Petr Majer, spokesman for the State Veterinary Service, shared with the editorial staff of

@sonastratilova This person should not own anything that is iv 🙄 #instagram #shopaholicadel #weird ♬ original sound – Soa Stratilov

The breeder of dwarf turtles is also interested in what happened to Pulco’s fluffy turtle, Frankie. Spam her profile with questions about what she did with the turtle and ask for it.

The neck suddenly changed color and changed, a little yellow, don’t you think? zn one of the first to be called an influencer.

I have the same problem, only it’s crazy light in our apartment and I had to use a flash. ekla Shopaholic Adel for the editorial office of The breeder still disagrees.

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