She won’t use it for handbags, jewelry and pugets: Maurerová expects other shows from her partner

“I will tell you honestly that when a friend wants to make me happy, he knows very well that a handbag, jewelry or even a bouquet is not necessary for that. At times like these, I appreciate something sweet the most, ideally from the wonderful Iveta.” she revealed Michaela Maurer at the christening of the new chef Iveta Fabešová in her cafe in the Werich villa.

“We’ve known each other for some Friday, we were brought together by surprisingly divine desserts from one of her cafes. Over time, we met in person and I found out that Iveta is just as wonderful as her desserts,” the actress and presenter, who is lucky enough not to have a passion for sweets, did not spare her praise.

“I still remember all those moments with salted caramel that I had all to myself. That was a blessing. That way my partner will always respect me and win me over.” she dreamed

She herself admitted without torture that baking is not one of her strong points. “My creations are usually nowhere near as good as the ones in the new cookbook we’re launching here. And the same applies to their appearance.” laughed Maurer, who couldn’t wait for the famous pastry chef to let her go to the refrigerator with all those desserts.

Michaela Maurer revealed what her great passion is…

“When I was little, I had a dream of a three-tier cake with lentils. Back then, it was still during totalitarianism, you see, I’m already a witness, I could only dream about him,” she recalled.

“However, my childhood dream finally came true when I met Iveta and her sweets. They are the best synonym for my fabulous lentil cake.” added Míša, who loves books dear to her heart.

Recently, she and the actor Jiří Dvořák christened the fairy tale book Belinda and a mysterious trip.

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