She married a great man: Shamana’s wife revealed the details of their marriage

Popular artist Shaman is married for the second time. His wife Elena Martynova is 14 years older than the artist. On November 11, the couple celebrate a wooden wedding – 5 years of marriage.

As Elena admits, acquaintance with Yaroslav (Shaman) turned her life and consciousness upside down. From the first minutes, he struck her with “his inner light, uncompromising sincerity, the depth and scale of his personality, as well as his unmistakable ability to separate the wheat from the chaff.” At the same time, the meeting of the future spouses took place when Yaroslav was just trying to break through with his work to the big stage.

Elena Martynova, photo social network

“He had nothing but a piece of God inside that no amount of money can buy. He didn’t have a “plan B”, and he couldn’t have it – all his life, stubbornly and selflessly, in spite of everything, he went to his calling. The strength of his spirit, multiplied by his pain, shattered my heart from the first meeting. I immediately realized that I should be there, share his fate, ” Elena Martynova told her subscribers in social networks.

By the way, Elena Martynova herself holds a high position in the Megafon company. She is a member of the board, director of strategic communications and brand promotion. Marriage with Yaroslav is also the second for her. Elena’s first husband was the writer Alexander Tsypkin. She divorced him shortly before the wedding with Shaman.

Shaman with his wife, social media photo

Shamana’s wife also admitted that in the five years of their family life there were also moments of despair, when all the doors were closed to the artist one after another, when the “bigwigs” of show business gave him “good” advice to “change profession” or “find an investor”, but most of the time they just passed by. “Thanks to them for this – Yaroslav hardened, became even stronger and as a result he achieved everything himself,” – concluded Elena.

“Five years ago I married a great man, a great artist and a brilliant musician. Nothing has changed since then. In addition to the fact that today my opinion is shared by millions of people across the country who fell in love with his work and sing his songs. Thank you!”, – turned to her subscribers Martynova, not hiding her pride in her husband.

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