She broke free from the chain! We want three children! Lamb’s wife was flying in her space

That’s a couple to look at. Aging celadon Leo Beránek (65) took his newly married wife Kateřina (22) to the ceremonial announcement of the new beauty queen, but she was quite cheerful before the live broadcast. During the interview for Expres, she gave the impression that she was living in her own universe, but the businessman was quite enthusiastic about her. He can’t even wait for them to have offspring of their own.

Famous Prague celadon Leo Lamb the elder was one of the invited guests at the announcement of the new Czech Miss Essens. Although there were many ladies in daring outfits, the businessman only had eyes for his young wife Kateřina. Although she did not follow the festive dress code and went to a bar as if for a party, Leo could not praise her.

“Beauty means the most to me, you see,” he was smiling in front of the camera and pointing at his wife Kateřina.

But she didn’t seem to notice the interview very much, when asked what beauty means to her, she couldn’t even give a one-word answer and cowered at her husband. He seemed to be flying in his own universe.

But she came to life when she asked about children. They are said to be planning them together, and Bránek, who has a son Leo in prison, would like at least three.

Leo Beránek the elder with his new wife Kateřina

“There are always children after marriage, everything is so natural with us, no problem five children,” said Kateřina.

The couple is said to visit the entrepreneur’s son in prison every month and inform everyone about him. Also about the recent wedding in Las Vegas.

“We are with him every month and he knows everything,” added Beránek with a smile.

The two and their spouses turned it up so much at the after-party that everyone around was praying that the young girl wouldn’t break her legs in those high heels as she walked down the stairs. At one point she even jumped on her partner’s back and called out strange exclamations like “I’m your destiny cunt”.

See more in the video interview.

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