Shaman at the start of his career performed in costumes sewn by his mother

The parents of the singer Shaman spared no effort and money so that their son could achieve success on stage.

Many of the artist’s acquaintances are convinced that the role of parents in Shaman’s career is enormous. Despite the difficult financial situation, they helped him in every way they could.

“They sacrificed a lot in order to raise their star boy like that,” the school teacher of the artist Natalya Makhalkina told the TV program.

And according to Shaman’s mother, I even had to create stage images on my own. The costumes were sewn from their old things, because it was not possible to buy new things.

“There were hard times – and we altered costumes from old things. For example, a lurex T-shirt was sewn overnight from a women’s blouse,” she remembers.

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