Sga Xholakys continues. I don’t care, so go back to social media

Xholakys, real name Valrie Holkov, has caused quite a stir in recent days. At the end of June, she withdrew from Clash of the Stars due to a brain tumor. On her birthday, she then swallowed a huge amount of Xanax, washed it down with vodka and documented her altered state on Instagram.

In the beginning, however, two days, a few days before the Clash of the Stars arrest, Holkov announced her absence from the tournament. Reason? Outside of health problems, specifically a brain tumor. But then she changed several times that it was not certain and that she was waiting for a precise diagnosis. It was supposed to take place in November, and until then the internet star announced that he would not be active on social media. It had the sole exception of OnlyFans.

A day later, on her forty-second birthday, Xholakys took to Instagram to thank people for Mr. On that day, however, she attempted suicide by swallowing more than 100 Xanax, which she drank down with vodka. She just announced it on Instagram. Within an hour of his birth, his mother registered him and provided the necessary assistance. She deleted all evidence of the incident, and Holkov again broke up with fans at the incident that day.

Not even twenty-four hours had passed, and even the most sleepy OnlyFans creator was on her feet.

I’m going to the doctor, so keep your fingers crossed she wrote on Twitter. She then posted a story on Instagram documenting her visit to the hospital. In other words, it’s a big lie, the strongest form of epilepsy. So I’m not in danger of life, I’m the only one with a strong seizure. That means we’ll see you back in the ring she shared with her fans.

Inactivity for a long time, fake pbhy and criticism for OnlyFans

A few minutes after sharing information about his health, she didn’t forget about business either. She started watching the invitations to subscribe to their OnlyFans, where she promises them a great birthday discount.

After the day I will be active on Instagram as well. Thank you for all the love at first, she said after less than a day without St.

She received a lot of criticism for her behavior on the street. In the past, she made up her mind that she was born a boy, that she is a thotn. No one was sure what information about his health was true and what was not. Controversial was also the fact that due to her health, according to her words, she could not work on the show, but she was still active on OnlyFans.

The influencer’s state of health was widely discussed on Twitter, where many people stopped her, but from the beginning she caught criticism that she had lied.

According to her own words, the erotic influencer Xholakys cannot work on social gatherings due to health and psychological reasons. Therefore, ask all your fans to subscribe to his channel on Onlyfans. So, urit record in one of the PSPs.

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