Sexy Halloween: Lela went overboard with retouching, avatar Kerndlová and spooky Charlotte!

I’ll scratch your eyes out!

Eva Feuereislová (32) went after a sexy, dangerous “female”. She arrived at the party in Prague’s SaSaZ dressed in a tight leotard with a mega neckline. At the same time, artificial blood dripped from her eyes. Whose eyes has this dragon come to scratch?

Eva Feuereislova

She flew in from Pandora

Tereza Kerndlová (36) blew fans away with her perfect avatar. She transformed into her so believably that she would have succeeded 100% at the casting.

Celebrate Halloween in style, right? And while this isn’t one of the other million hot bunnies we’re used to, Kerndlov is still damn hot.

Tereza Kerndlova

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