Sergey Isaev spoke about the results of the Ural dumplings trial against the ex-director

Former comedy show producer Sergei Netievsky “dumplings” was accused of embezzling income from the program since 2009. When the fraud was revealed, the team sued the ex-colleague.

After several years of litigation, the decision was made in favor of the Ural dumplings. Despite the fact that Netievsky intends to challenge the decision, the leader of the creative team, Sergei Isaev, summed up the results. He stated that justice had finally prevailed, and there was no doubt that the team was right. Now the actors are celebrating the long-awaited victory.

“… I’m glad that everything is over, and litigation will not be an extra informational noise around our brand,” artist added.

Isaev drew attention to the fact that throughout all these years the team continued to create shows for their viewers. The showman stressed that no one is going to stop.

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