Separation of Lenerts and Kalta: last year indicated a crisis in the relationship, the partner was too dominant

Until the other day, they were all for it, e Nicol Lenertov she found a life partner in her long-time partner. That was the sports manager Jaroslav Kalt, and Nicol spent seventeen years in a relationship with him. Although they never married before marriage, they started a family. They have two sons together, Jaroslav (16) after his father and young Dominic (13).

Just while last year they were together in Erven, this year Nicol is married to Mr. She took William Sivek’s billions as a manel. The fans were shocked, the breakup with Kalt was not noticed by the public, just like the reason. Last year, Lenertov hinted at the partnership crisis in an interview for the website life in esk.

In it, she acknowledged that relationships have changed over the years, that mutual communication is important for her and that she does not want to break up over small things.

I’m not a fan of when partners break up over trifles. If it is not an unusual situation and you do not get healthy in relation to ikan or ubliovn. There it is clear that there is no other way, she stated in an interview with that that she perceives a breakup in which children are involved as a crime because it interferes with the children’s childhood.

Even after the word, the relationship broke up after almost 20 years of being together, and therefore it cannot be assumed that it was because of some pettiness, a difficult situation, whether she did not indicate in the interview what took her in the relationship.

Nicol Lenert’s work is very personal.

Lenertov thus admitted that she did not wear trousers at home, Kalt was far more dominant.

Partners should make such compromises, but not for nothing that one of the spouses is always dominant, whether it’s a woman or a man. In short, things have to give way. Here we have it like this, I take it as my personality, here I am the one who made compromises, she added with the fact that in a day-to-day relationship, problems cannot be avoided.

Somehow it’s not Italy in our country, but it has its own meaning, she claimed about a year ago.

Nicol Lenertov and his rich new husband

It looks like he’s playing patience with the final validity of the scumbags. Lenertov found a new husband, whom she married so hastily. The breakup and subsequent revelry took place over the course of about a year. Six billion Viliam Sivek was going to be confirmed last year, so this year he was preparing to take the plunge.

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