See how Bure’s little Forejt is nursed. Tristan enjoyed the silence on the set

Eva Bureov (28) took her two-month-old son Tristan to the set of her new music video for the song Quiet Waters. In the first episode, she breastfed him and shared photos from the set with her fans on social media. He didn’t stop working suddenly, and instead of a mother, she threw herself headlong into work, and soon she kicked out her new job. No time to rest!

Eva Bureov he hasn’t lost weight even after giving birth and runs like a dragon! Two months after the birth of her son Tristan, instead of a mother, she threw herself in front of the cameras, not long after she sent a new child into the world. He recently uploaded a new music video for one of his songs, and since the baby is very small, he couldn’t miss it on the set. Bureov gave birth to Pemko Forejt, a famous fkuchai from the TV show MasterChef.

They chose the unusual name Tristan William for their son, but Eva speaks of her boyfriend as Tristenko, which rhymes with the name of his first son Nathaniel, affectionately nicknamed Nathnek. The actress also shared intimate pictures with her fans on social media.

She complained that she gained about ten kilos after giving birth and that her belly is slowly retracting. Not long ago, she published a picture on Instagram of how she looks, only in pants and a bra.

The fans appreciated her for not being one of the celebrities who try to get in shape quickly in drastic ways, and on the contrary shows reality as it is.

There, she caused a wave on the street, during which celebrity mothers took pictures with their bulging hips, because they didn’t have time to get in top shape after giving birth.

Eva Bureov showed off an intimate photo from the air.

Ev’s eyes burned with the baby’s progress. She herself admitted that the first thotensia was easy. Eva was among the young mothers, and there was no way to go. But the mother is still in love.

I love these moments. He looks at me like the goddess that I undoubtedly am for him at the moment. At first glance, it’s still great. For now, sleep, and when you don’t sleep, laugh. Who is it after? said the actress under the photo on social media.

Bko area after childbirth? How can I do it differently?

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