Rospotrebnadzor recommended not to drink “mole drink”. “Paper”

Rospotrebnadzor asked the Russians not to drink “mole drink” – a tincture on the body of a dead mole. About it reported in the telegram channel of the department.

The use of “alcohol tincture on the carcass of a dead mole” can lead to death or disability, representatives of Rospotrebnadzor say. According to them, the bodies of moles often contain worms, round, flat and tapeworms.

In addition, moles carry infections, as they contain fleas and ticks. “The alcohol environment does not destroy pathogens,” the department added.

What you need to know. Former twitter user told that he “drank tincture on a dead mole.”

Subsequently, he made up a thread in which he described in detail the tasting of the mole. According to him, the tincture was prepared by his friend, who also released a video where he tries the mole.

Later, Twitter users began to joke about the “dead mole tincture” – they added her to film stills, remembered mole from the Soviet cartoon, wrote about the unpleasant taste of “mole” and assumedthat Vladimir Putin drinks it.

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