Roskomnadzor will test the development of ITMO. “Paper”

Roskomnadzor is interested in the development of ITMO, which should recognize lies from video using artificial intelligence. About it reported publication “Kommersant” with reference to sources. The department is going to test the service in the near future.

What kind of development are you talking about? Specialists from the National Center for Cognitive Research at ITMO are working on the Expert service based on artificial intelligence. The program was intended for the Main Radio Frequency Center (GRFC), which is subordinate to the RKN.

The RKN became interested in a service to detect deepfakes, Alexander Fedotov, head of the Scientific and Technical Center of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise GRCHTs, told Kommersant. If the program works, the GRCHTS will begin to apply it, said an employee of the center.

How the service works. ITMO explained that Expert analyzes video and audio in English and evaluates confidence, inconsistency, the level of internal and external aggression, and congruence (the level of information consistency). The service also compares words with scientific articles and statements of other specialists.

The system was tested on the eve of the US Senate elections, Oleg Basov, head of one of the ITMO laboratories, said. According to him, the scientists analyzed the interviews of six candidates with the help of Expert. Thus, the system detected latent aggression in three candidates, and caught one in a lie, Basov said.

How is the service evaluated? In a conversation with the authors of Kommersant, one of the market participants said that it would take years for Expert to work well. “When such a development even reaches pilot operation, the probability of false positives will be quite high,” the source added.

A specialist from the law firm “EBR” also added that the program would not be applicable: “Any kind of “lie detector” is not recognized as evidence in the courts of most countries.”

What you need to know. In July, Vedomosti reported that the GRFC also started looking for developers for another IT system. According to the idea of ​​​​the employees of the department, it should identify cases of the spread of “fake” about the Russian army using a special algorithm.

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