Rocker Petr Janda posted: One daughter is ashamed of me, the other does not know songs

Rocker Petr Janda (80) was sulking. At the premiere of the musical Okno m lýsky, he was accompanied not only by his beautiful wife Alice, but also by his youngest daughter Rozrka (9). Although he was a little sorry that old Aneka (13) was ashamed of her father like a real teenager, but he still held back tears.

The premiere of the musical with the legendary songs of the Olympic group and the band’s frontman took place at the Broadway Theatre Peter Janda couldn’t miss. He was accompanied by his young wife Alice and daughter Rozrka. She was a pain in the ass.

After the introduction, when the songs also danced for a while on the boards, which meant the world, his branch jumped into his nose. You could see that she was daddy’s girl. Rocker only regretted that stepdaughter Aneka wasn’t there.

Kind daughter is in puberty, denies and refuses everything. Even when I talked to her, she didn’t want to. She liked to look at her phone, Janda said sadly.

He tries to grasp it, that it’s similar, every day. When they are at home, however, she goes to her father. Only the daughter does not know how her father composed the song.

Petr Janda with his youngest daughter

Not that I’m those songs that you sing even in the bike, you elva, wrote j. Or I came up with a lot of ideas, she sang and watched when I said that I composed it j. I was for a dude, he added with a laugh.

What would he do if his daughters wanted to marry in his arms? Find out about it in our video interview.

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