Right in the eye, never stopped pl and ev: Martina Prtlov described a horror experience with her daughter

A horse mother who knows the harsh truth about motherhood. Although she will spend her little daughter Stella to the fullest, don’t forget that she is bathed in sunshine every day. That’s what Martin Prtlov (43) has for his fans. Applause for a memorable story from a Halloween party.

Suddenly Martina Prtlov she literally prayed for her daughter Stella. She didn’t even hope that she would become a mother, but she learned about motherhood. Even sometimes, even that crazy page when she would like to kill her child.

Their Halloween party, the first with a little girl, did not go according to plan. It wouldn’t be Martina to rub honey around her fans’ mouths, as they are bathed in the sun, on the contrary, she admits that it was one of her worst experiences since giving birth.

Hell, a hunter should never paint anything on his front. It started at the entrance to the botanical garden, when we had nowhere to park. Stella immediately got out of there by the turnstile, and we went to the well if we were full through the fifth entrance. We were all hungry, including Stella, so it took a toll on our psyche. She practically didn’t grow a breet, even when she got one, she wrote on Instagram.

The darkness didn’t end there, it started soon. Moments of tension and discomfort engulfed the entire family.

Martina Prtlov will never forget the first Halloween with her daughter.

We were always raising our voices at each other and I might even catch a tick in the eye. Since there were too many hysterical children and parents there, we decided to end our journey of courage. On the way to the parking lot, we found children’s socks, here and there a shoe or a diaper. It was more of a horror experience for me, don’t believe the cinema, added Prtlov with a laugh.

Don’t ask where to go with your daughter, think twice. She amused the other mothers with her performance, who thank her for their patience. Martina also describes the averted face of motherhood and is not afraid to show that she is proud of her child.

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