Review: Taylor Swift’s Midnights is her darkest album, breaking records

In August, at the previous MTV Video Music Awards, Taylor Swift won three awards for the music video All Too Well: The Short Film announced her new album Midnights. It was rather surprising for the fans, they expected that he would suddenly not release a new album before, not even a list of his previous albums. She started with this because her original publishing house and the ownership of the albums took her away. It was then bought by the controversial Scooter Braun, and all of Swift’s albums were owned by him.

Scooter Braun is a relatively well-known name in the music industry. His clients were, for example, Justin Bieber, but also rapper Kanye West. He first collaborated with him in 2016 on the creation of the music video for the song Famous, in which Taylor Swift is shown naked while West raps in the song I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex. Why? I made that bitch famous. In response to the sharp reaction of Taylor Swift, in which she objected to the text of the song and the video clip, Kanye West’s then-wife Kim Kardashian West published a call log of the meeting in which Swift had to agree with the content of the song. This resulted in a media scandal in which the Internet icon was suddenly destroyed and its popularity plummeted.

Although in 2020 an unedited recording of the subject call was leaked to the Internet, which confirms Taylor Swift’s version, the ownership of all the albums has not yet been found. She therefore decided to re-record and re-release all of her original 6 albums. That’s how it happened. In 2021, she released the albums Fearless and Red. This year, however, she is not continuing with the release of her old albums and has decided to record a brand new one instead.

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Even though there was not a single for a day that would make the public aware of the upcoming album, the Midnights instantly became a record breaking classic. The record became the most streamed album in twenty-four hours on Spotify with more than 184 million streams, beating streaming giants such as Kendrick Lamar and Drake. Her album sold more than a million copies in the US in the first five days, making her the first to sell more than a million in a week since 2017. Who broke a million in a week back then? Opt Taylor Swift, then with the album Reputation.

They didn’t come as a surprise to the fans. At that hour in the morning, she released a special edition of the album with the title 3am edition. There were seven more songs in it, musically significantly different from the standard edition of the album.

After all these years, Midnights is again the album in which I express my personal history and draw from my own memories. the central theme of the album is, as is typical for Taylor Swift, love, relationships, breakups and falling in love. Midnights contains much more blood, and in it Taylor Swift reveals her fears, sadness, bitterness and a certain amount of self-reflection, especially in songs such as Anti-Hero, Midnight Rain and High Infidelity, in which she confesses to her wife. Even though it is a pop album full of catchy melodies and happy production, it is also the darkest album in terms of lyrics. That’s how she announced the rest herself.

Even the genius Taylor Swift, as she calls herself in the song Mastermind, could not have predicted that the album containing songs like Karma and Vigilante Shit, whose main theme is revenge, would be released at a time when Kanye West’s career began to fall apart and his popularity fell to deep bottom, not when that Taylor Swift fell. Lyrics like karmas gonna track you down, step by step, from town to town couldn’t even be hit. The most emotional moment of the album is the song Bigger Than The Whole Sky, which reflects the loss of a loved one, the thought of what life would be like if this person were in the world and the hopelessness of never finding out.

Taylor Swift did not disappoint again and created an album full of catchy melodies and poetic lyrics, thanks to which it is easy to forgive her obscene blunders, such as the lines sometimes, I feel like everybody is a sexy baby or draw the cat eye sharp enough to kill a man. The quality of the album can be seen from the reviews, when Midnights has an overall rating of 85 percent on the Metacritic server, making it one of the best rated albums of this year.

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