Residents of the Narva outpost are asked to take their houses under protection. “Paper”

Petersburgers appealed to the Committee for the Protection of Monuments (KGIOP) with a request to include their houses in the register of cultural heritage sites. Document published on the website of the International Council for the Conservation of Monuments and Sites.

Why houses need to be guarded. Residents of houses built in the 1930s-1950s in the western part of the Narva outpost are afraid that they will be demolished. According to the program “Development of built-up areas of St. Petersburg”, 97 houses of the Narva Zastava are subject to demolition, and 63 more houses are planned to be resettled and reconstructed.

In October 2022, in St. Petersburg, amendments were made to the law on the boundaries of zones for the protection of cultural heritage sites in the city and land use regimes within the boundaries of these zones.

Petersburg residents fear that now all the houses of the Narva Zastava will be classified as buildings that can be demolished with “the subsequent reconstruction of the appearance, but with the use of new materials and facade colors.”

What does the expertise say? The state historical and cultural expertise of 2011 did not find value in most of the buildings of the Narva outpost. However, KGIOP does not agree with this conclusion.

According to city defenders, “the value of the object lies in the creation of a perfect layout and development of the city – the” garden “, the formation of a kind of” oasis “of peace and quiet in the urbanized environment of the industrial district of the city.”

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