Reporter Petr Vaek commented on Bartoov’s departure. Then the whole T broke up!

I am deeply indebted to esk television for all the experience, involvement and ance. In addition to an honest trade, she also taught me the most important thing: to be detached and stand up for yourself. I know that he will be a standard of courtesy and security. Thank you very much for all the time spent together and many times also for the much needed support, wrote Petr Vaek on Facebook, who had a drink Linda Bartoov.

And that’s why I stopped at Czech TV, Pipojil drove with an inconspicuous drug to her departure.

Everyone who knows Peter knows that he is gallant, respectful and sunny. A great and good colleague! Whatever you want from him, he’s here. Sometimes things are different, not as they seem now, commented on Vakv’s status Nora Fridrichovwho stood clearly on his side.

I know what you mean, I agree, I stand by you and know you are a collegial gentleman! she asked Bra Diviovwho spoke about Bartoov now that she remembered Emma Smetanová.

Dear Pete, I want to tell you that I stand behind you and I know that you are a very honest person who did not mean anything bad, mocking, personal behind this post, and I know that I have great respect for my colleagues (colleagues) and my former husband, his colleague Lea Surovcov wrote to the reporter.

Moderator Linda Bartoov retired from Czech television in 1999 and started to give things away.

Not everyone agreed with Peter Vak’s words so fully. There were also those who told him that he could have forgiven such a thing and that he did not care for such a thing.

Pete, I would ask you not to mistake the service of the institution for personal charisma, it is mistaken, especially for someone. About gentlemanliness pt, Petr Vizina, the cultural editor of T, was heard somewhere.

He’s in a pod and he’s super good at his job. But Linda’s text is not about you, you just appropriated it. I’ll push you once, but you should apologize. ouch! he added towards Vak, Robert Zruba stood up for him.

The words of Petr Vak, who commented on the departure of Linda Bartoov, caught the attention of Robert Zruba.

Pete, I hope I have time, with many miles on the odometer. I think that colleague Vaek, even with the help of the quotation, came off very decent and honest. Mastering it here with an apology is not worth it, especially if it costs gentlemanliness, countered the sports commentator.

It didn’t take long for Vaek to call again to set things straight and make those who don’t know how to sidestep a little.

It’s not about my ego, then hurt. We have explained it here several times, especially the best and most comprehensively in one of the comments by my great colleague Leo Surovcov, so you can do it yourself. Don’t hesitate when you want to ask something and you associate it with respect, asked the reporter.

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