Razin warned Shatunov’s fans that he would soon remove all his songs and videos from the Internet

The ex-producer of “Tender May” promised to block all content related to the work of Yura Shatunov, leaving it only in his official accounts – the channels “Andrei Razin” and “Tender May”.

“I appeal to the subscribers of my channels “Andrei Razin” and “Tender May”. Finally, we are bringing you order in our social networks. I promise you for 10 years to exhibit all the videos, photos related to the family and creativity of Yura Shatunov and the Laskovy May group. They will only be available on these two channels. In the near future, in 2-3 months, everything else will be removed from the Internet,” Andrey Razin promised. At the same time, the producer clarified that he was going to block absolutely all content related to Shatunov, posted not by him, that is, by Andrei Razin. These are TV programs, and interviews with journalists and much more.

In addition, Andrei Razin is going to to revive the group “Tender May” with a new line-up and a new soloist…

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