Raised by grandparents: what is known about the young singer Anastasia Nagornova

The winner of the sixth season of the program “You are super!” on NTV, at the choice of the jury, was a young performer Anastasia Nagornova.

18-year-old Anastasia is from the city of Kolpashevo in the Tomsk region. The future finalist was trained simultaneously in all areas at a music school. Thanks to this, she can sing, dance, play instruments, paint and participate in theatrical productions.

Shortly before the birth of his daughter, the girl’s father left the family. Nagornova knows nothing about his future fate. She hopes that dad will see her from TV screens and try to somehow contact her.

The mother of the young singer soon remarried and gave birth to a second daughter, after which she did not participate in Nastya’s upbringing. According to the winner of the project, she used to worry about this, but now everything is in the past. Instead of her parents, she was raised by her grandparents.

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