Put her on cigarettes as a deterrent! Fans are horrified by the appearance of Korn’s sister

Jiří Korn’s (73) younger sister Yvetta (60) scared not only the staff at the screening of the series Together Alone, but also the fans. Her face shows traces of years of drug and alcohol use, she is the adorable girl who had a career that was trampled. People do not spare criticism. They would even put it on cigarettes as a drug deterrent.

Actress Yvetta Kornová she plays a homeless woman in the new series and she didn’t need much disguise for that. Although at the screening of a television act Tomáš Magnusko she disguised herself as a homeless woman, but her face showed that she herself had been through hell in her life.

Long-term use of drugs and alcohol has changed her pretty face beyond recognition, to the point where one might say she is the older of the Korn siblings.

Even fans were horrified when they saw photos from the celebratory event. Even when Yvetta changed her clothes, washed her face, covered her bald head, the unorganized lifestyle could still be read in her face.

“Why don’t you put it on a cigarette pack? This definitely deters more than what’s out there. He looks like a castaway,” wrote on Facebook user Monika.

Yvetta had a great career as a child.

Yvetta Kornová looked like a homeless person at the screening of the TV series Together.

And she was not alone in wondering how years of substance abuse can change a person.

“A very sad sight for a man to fall into the vices of life,” fan Luboš wrote.

Yvetta Kornová with event organizer David Novotny

Fortunately, Yvetta got rid of her vices and now lives an orderly life. Unfortunately, the drugs have ruined her appearance so much that no one recognizes her.

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