Psychopath Bejr attacked sok Grznr. I will punish you for this! it says

On Saturday, after months of impatient waiting, fans will be able to enjoy this Clash of the Stars gala. A public outing took place on Friday, which was also broadcast and fans could watch their favourites. However, the evening was not without complications. But Bejr attacked his supee Filip Grznr, who then had to go to the hospital.

The long-standing rivalry between Psychopath Bejr and Grznr turned into hatred, especially after the previous galaveer in April. Bejr entered the cage during his rival’s post-match interview and attacked him. At that time it was clear that he was heading for a very intense rescue.

From the fifth morning, everything happened outside. However, Bejr did not arrive early, it was not clear if he had reached his limit and his life was in danger. Alk can’t go here, he was supposed to be here at nine in the morning, now it’s half past twelve. So I’m praying that he will arrive, because if he doesn’t, I’ll lay my head down. I would regret that for the rest of my life, Grznr said in a video posted by the official Clash of the Stars profile.

The veer was held, together with the general public, a media thorn, which is a novelty of this galaveera. the participants could show how they were in shape and how they prepared for the rescue. But Bejr didn’t agree to that either, and the followers started to get nervous.

Does he want a wolf? I mt her

Until the last moment, it was not clear whether the discovery and the expected fight would eventually take place. Vem let out a breath when she went outside in the pmm penos. He met the limit with a tolerance of one kilogram, and everyone expected to meet Grznr.

The moment he entered the stage, Bejr ran towards him. Along the way, he rammed into instructor Jakub Jry, who fell to the ground. In the end, Grznr suffered a thorn wound on his cheek from the flow and had to undergo several examinations, including a CT scan of the brain.

In the end, it worked out and the fans can save themselves. What happened at the staredown will be brutal and punishing by fire. Alei, correct t, psahm asked Grznr to go down the corridors from the hospitals. Does he want a wolf? So I have her, t se, Bejr replied.

It is clear that Saturday evening will bring a lot of weirdness and heated situations. The fans will see Tadee Veselho and Pavel Snejks Msk, Karel Bendy and Jaroslav Kotlr, or for the first time see a fight between two wrestlers against one.

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