Psaovic’s date with Brzobohat, but what about Bezdkov? She found a new best friend!

Even though Daniele Psaovic’s (43) relationship with Ondej Brzobohat (39) sings from the heart and Andrea Bezdkov (28) is single from both of them, she was drinking for a sparring partner at the film festival, premieres and social chatter. She did not look for a suitable escort for a long time. Denisa Pfauserov (33) is the returning companion and the new one. She also went with the actress to the film Hranice lsky.

It has no effect on our mistakes. I’m very proud of Ondra and I sing it to them, because it means a lot to them, she let herself be heard Andrea Bezdkovwhen we asked her excellent friend before the ace Daniela Psaovicova.

They are also met with, although not nearly as often as in the past. And it’s not just that the moderator is dating Ondej Brzobohatm. Don’t get too busy because of the time. That’s why the model connected you to Thlich in a gentle and useful way and went to greet her friend at work.

Allow me to give you a deep bow here. I bow to you with what nobility and inhospitable arm you took the whole evening, she let Bezdkov listen to her after the festive evening, who was impressed by Psaovic’s performance, just like the audience in the series of screens.

She arrived at the festive evening at Andrea’s with a new friend. The company was run by Denisa Pfauserov. Although the temperamental actress is separated from him, this does not mean that she does not go out into the bustle of the big city for a women’s ride, on the contrary.

Andrea Bezdkov and Denisa Pfauserov are friends now.

he always finds time, just like the matching outfit that shines in the spotlight.

We’ve been spending a lot of time together in the last month, whether it’s a favorite movie night in Lucerne, or a musical event, like the Andrey Kalousov album tour, where they had a lot of fun in the middle of the summer.

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