Psaovicov broke down in tears during the presentation: What moved her so much in the church?

It might seem that the editors of Expres in the last weeks, if not months, did not care about the fact that they would Daniel Psaovicov come out alone celebratory and positive links. We have to disappoint everyone who thought something like that.

The moderator didn’t even ask him Brzobohat over there or anyone else, don’t send me a pension or any other form of material thanks, the materials are created only and only on the basis of how bval hvzda is presented on Czech television.

The last time she flashed was at the Alsa benefit concert in the Prask kiovatka church. Psaovicov works with an organization that brings together patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), and thus with professionals who deal with this disease. Even this time she did not hold back the tears, even though she was struggling and almost to the end.

But when Alsy Monika Kekrtov, the project manager, drank her horseshoes for her long-term support and pedaled a beautiful bouquet, she herself also got emotional. Daniela gave them free rein and the audience rewarded it with thunderous applause. Dobe knows that she has done a lot for the changing organization and is always ready to help and support, just like other famous personalities.

Daniela Psaovicov stuck it out for a long time. The tear did not stop and in the midst of Alsa’s benefit concert.

Lucie Bl sent a video toast to Kupklada. But that was not all! She sent one hundred thousand crowns to the organization that tries to help patients with this terrible disease and comfort them in these times. But Alsy is a woman of any age.

I would like to thank everyone who supported us. Specially, send any request regularly, because then we can fill the help and what we can afford much better. editor Alsa Eva Bezuchov let herself be heard.

Let’s just add that ALS is a progressive neuromuscular disease that affects the motor nerves of the brain and muscles. If they don’t work or become numb, the brain can’t control the muscles and their movements. Muscles gradually weaken and atrophy. It is a disease, for which there is still no causal head.

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