Propaganda teams of “Russian Radio” continue to speak to the military

On October 30, in the village of Kalininets, the artists of the Russian Radio propaganda team gave a concert for the mobilized military.

The Russian Radio propaganda team is a musical patriotic marathon that started on October 20 in Sevastopol. The stars of “Russian Radio” are sent around the country, including the annexed and front-line territories, with live atmospheric concerts. The main task of the marathon participants is to support the Russian servicemen, to remind them that the whole country is with them, and to inspire faith in victory.

On October 30, Zemlyane, Vladimir, Burito and Liza Dolzhenkova performed on the stage of the marathon, installed right at the mobilization point.

Agitation brigade of “Russian Radio”

“We were very well received, I performed with the Zemlyane group, and it seems to me that they are well received everywhere, – told Vladimir. – I feel pride for the guys, gratitude for the fact that they are here. I will definitely continue my participation in the propaganda teams of Russian Radio. Such concerts lift their spirits, show the guys that the artists support them, do everything they can for their part.

“Judging by the reviews, the concerts of the Agitation Brigade are very important. They raise the spirit, set up the warriors for victory, give patience and courage. This is not the first concert, the guys come up, take pictures and say that they become stronger with our songs, ”- shared the soloists of the group “Earthlings”.

“When I was offered to take part in the Agitation Brigade, I agreed without hesitation. I want to convey to the servicemen, along with my songs, my love, gratitude and bow for the performance of military duty, ”- said Garik Burito.

Meanwhile, the Russian Radio propaganda teams are moving on. And we will definitely tell you about the next point of the marathon.

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