Prokhor Chaliapin’s neighbor won a lawsuit against him

The contractor announced that he had lost a lawsuit regarding a communal apartment that he wanted to purchase in its entirety.

Earlier, the artist bought one of the rooms of the communal apartment, and after some time, his notary sent a letter to the tenants of the apartment with a proposal to sell their rooms. One of Chaliapin’s neighbors at first did not respond to this request, and then filed a lawsuit against the performer at all.

The woman demanded compensation in the amount of one million rubles. Later, Prokhor himself explained that after the return of the notification, a certain period had to pass. The singer intended to sell the room to another person. But the court ruled in favor of the neighbor, and the room will be given to her. Housing is valued at 5 million rubles.

Earlier, Chaliapin said that after the death of his American wife, he did not receive any inheritance. The couple had a marriage contract, where all the conditions were spelled out, including the death of Tatyana Davis.

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