Prince Mamnek: Agta arrived without Soukup and it was immediately visible on the outfit! Zila Pagov

Did the first clouds appear in the garden of Jaromr Soukup (53)? A few weeks ago, speculation began that the relationship with Agta Hanychová (37) was going through its first crisis after the explosion of their love. When you were arrested at the premiere of the feature film Jan ika, they smiled hand in hand in the photo booth, this time Agta was drinking alone with her children at Slovanská dom. As you can see, it starts to roll.

Agta arrived at the premiere of the movie Prince Mamnek with a smile on her face. She undressed without a partner, she was wearing a miniskirt, her long legs were showing in her thighs, her jacket was showing off.

However, it was noticed that the EU is slowly getting better. She revealed that she is pregnant with Jaromr Soukup not a month ago.

Agta Hanychov

But this time her partner and then her father did not accompany her to the Slovanská dom. He was represented by Agta’s children, daughter Mia and son Krypn.

Agta with children

The premiere of Prince Mamnok was also attended by the stars of show business. There was Veronika Kubaov, who was dating her colleague Jan Buda, or Ma Tomeov.

Buda was traditionally elegantly dressed, the same is true of his hair, when he let his hair grow long on the sides, as long as it contrasted with his bald head in the middle.

Jan Buda, Veronika Khek Kubaov

Actor Patricia Pagov caught the eye with her green outfit.

Patricia Pagov, Ma Tomeov

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