Prince Harry lashed out at his grandmother: To satisfy the publisher, he added a note about her death to the book

Harry had been preparing the book for the past few months. Many fans of the royal family only confirmed on Friday how selfish he is, because speculations about what to betray and who to support, made a few noises at the celebrations of the royal family’s platinum jubilee.

And because of that, Harry pretended to be insensitive to the way his health had been deteriorating lately, practically unrelenting since the death of his uncle Philip.

The Duke of Sussex had enough empathy at least to delay the publication of the book after the Queen’s death. It even turned out that he was modifying the form of the text at the last moment, especially to reduce its effects after the sad event.

But the truth is a bit different.

According to sources from around the royal family, Harry has recently been haggling with Penguin Random House about the form of his autobiography several times. His representative moved the entire form to him several times in order to adjust it, to cover more of the event, and therefore to go into detail in some matters.

Harry was always proud of his service in the army. Not only was he not allowed to wear a uniform at his grandmother’s funeral, but he could not even salute.

Harry, the writer JR Moehringer, and the publisher were tossing the book around among themselves. First the publisher wanted there to be more than in Harry’s first draft, and then again Harry wanted to edit something when the queen died. But here are some more guesses that people don’t know about. This is because the publisher wanted more areas covered and more details about some specific things in the book. There is concern that Harry then had to include in the book a revelation that he did not even want, hard Krlovsk source of The Sun.

What’s more, according to the opinion of the renowned People magazine, Harry should devote himself to the death of Queen Elizabeth in the book.


It is not yet entirely clear whether this is some form of eternal tribute, or whether the prince will, for example, come with some details regarding the death, even the fateful day when he did not have time to say goodbye to his grandmother, because he was going with his aunt and then the future king Charles III. he was arguing on the phone for so long about whether Meghan should go with him, and he missed the plane.

He decided not to think that Harry should be teasing the queen in any way. After her death, he emphasized that she was a beloved grandmother and a role model for him, and it is fortunate that she was able to meet her great-grandchildren.

People criticize him every day, saying that he only cleverly created a space for himself to include the queen’s death in the book. And with that, I’m going to start taking things away.

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