Primtor Hib surprised: In Prague 1 hj coalition with ANO! Prague sob ns too traffic, he wrote

The Prague 1 movement won the elections in Prague 1 by five percentage points ahead of the second-placed ODS, thanks to which it won seven mandates. In the context of greater Prague, one could expect to be connected with Pirty, which together would mean a strong eleven mandates.

Everything is different in the end. On the other monitored units, Pirti was linked with ODS, TOP 09, SSD, but especially with the ANO movement, which is inconceivably connected to the municipality. Although leader David Bodeek tried to form a coalition with Prague, he failed to convince at least one of the groups to join the party.

The Koala contract was signed by the people of the individual parties on the last day of January.

This caused a great uproar among the general public. Nkterm Pirtm joined the ANO movement and bypassed Prague himself, and the situation even went so far that one of the lions gave the initiative for the entire frum to vote on joining the coalition, which was supported by seventy other lions. It will happen this weekend.

The crown of the discussion is the speech of leader David Bodek. In addition to criticism, he managed to defend himself, and even from the mayor Zdek Hib himself, he only responded to the suggestion that joining a coalition and bypassing Prague itself was a bizzarre, which made Pirt a completely unserious partner and undermined their position in the big municipality.

And he hinted that his alliance with Jan Iinski for the magistracy would be strong, it does not mean that both sides are at all costs for life and death.

I don’t feel that the coalition in Prague 1 will undermine our position in the grand municipality. I remember that, for example, in Prague 6, Prague 6 cheerfully made a coalition with the ODS, and on the contrary, they avoided it there, wrote the primtor.

Ldr Pirt in Prague 1 David Bodeek

The composition of coalitions in many city streets reminds me of the puzzle where you have a bow with a carriage and you have to take on a wolf, a goat and an evil head, even if they don’t give a shit. So let’s accept that specific local associations have specific positive and negative experiences with specific people from specific parties. And I thank the negotiating team in Prague 1 for being able to negotiate, and that they will not be sentenced to prison. This could potentially undermine our position as a master, he added.

In another song, Zdenk Hib spoke out against the leader of the unit, David Bodek, against whom, according to him, a disgusting campaign is being conducted. And he added that the vote on the coalition in Prague 1 is also due due to the post-election negotiations at the big municipality.

Although it may seem that you will be voting for Prague 1 in this polling station, in reality you will be voting for the coalition for the mayor’s office. Re-evaluation of the autonomous decision of the MS Prague 1 to the coalition Together in the hands of the much-needed argument for the need to conclude a coalition with ANO at the mayor’s office. It is basically a construction about unreliable Pirts who do not comply with agreements, written by Hib.

Pirta’s crack is like a crown week. It is interesting that the coalition will be voted on at the weekend, but the establishment of the Prague 1 council will take place in the middle.

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