Prime Minister Fiala also took activist Stupka to the climate summit. The latter accused him of homophobia

Krytof Stupka attended the climate summit in Egypt, he also managed to meet Slovak President Zuzana Aputová.

He maps out his journey in detail from the very beginning, he also boasted about the photography of the aviation special, and so did Prime Minister Petr Fiala during the press conference. Those are two stupid things that do not agree with his progressive vision of the world twice.

I’m very sorry, but this really looks like satire. Government Air Special at the Climate Conference, one of the discussants said to Stupek.

When a hunter fly on his own pension for vacation, kill the planet. When do you fly to a stupid conference on climate, so the planet heals, he added, amused.

Stupka replied that the train does not go to Egypt. And if he only used the free seat on board the government special, which would have flown to the climate summit anyway.


It is also interesting news that the young UN delegate used the city alongside Prime Minister Petr Fiala. Tho Petr Fiala, whom in the last few months he has accused more than once of homophobic rhetoric, and even expressed his dismay at the fact that he won the election.

About two minutes after I saw the results of the election, I realized that it was actually going to be terrible for the human race. For both women and queer people. A chill ran down my walls, last year, the Seznam Przvy server quoted Stupka.

Prime Minister Fiala took Stupka by saying that marriage is a bond between a man and a woman.

Into the family that he and his wife founded together. I am convinced that the only bond between a man and a woman is marriage. I do not prevent anyone from going with whom they want and how they want. But after me, no one can want me to believe that people of the same sex should form a marriage and a family that are born equal. It defies my knowledge, reason and knowledge, wrote Fiala last year in z.

On that account, Stupka accused him of disgusting homophobic rhetoric, because it was very upsetting for him to hear something similar from a hundred men who are striving for the position of prime minister.

Koalice Spolu must immediately apologize for the disgusting scapegoating of gay and lesbian families and for their president Petr Fiala. Pst that we are not born and that we are against you and know that there is too much, shouted the young activist.

VTA is by far the worst so please respect that. Homophobia is not prejudice, it is a hateful attitude that encourages discrimination and violence against LGBTQI+ people. Maybe you just wave your hand at what the marques in the ODS wrote, but it’s not about anything else, not what Babi or Okamura did, he added.

His view of Fiala has obviously changed since then, at least as evidenced by the fact that the Prime Minister’s photo is still hanging on Stupkov’s Twitter.

Suddenly a bad conservative right-wing prime minister is not a problem? What happened? wonders one of the discussants,

Ticket price, commented the newspaper’s Jan Palika, and MEP Tom Zdechovsk was also amused by his comment.

That nasty capitalism and conservatism, he wrote amused.

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